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Enterprise-level order management system with lightweight CRM and notifications.


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Areas of Expertise

Punchlist Zero

Custom engineering tools and calculators for energy industry professionals.

  • Software Development

    We develop cloud based applications to empower your internal teams and help your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Project Management

    Derisk your projects, improve your on time performance, and enhance profitability with our short term project management services.

  • Technical Services

    From software developers to mechanical engineers, your organization requires highly qualified technical personnel to deliver outstanding products. We help you understand your manpower needs and provide qualified technical services and talent.

  • Operations Assessment

    Partner with us and our years of operational experience for P&L reviews, fabrication walkthroughs, and profitability evaluations. We understand the challenges small and medium sized businesses face and we are here to help.


Travis Ziebro

Senior Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Software Development, Project Management, Technical Services, Operations Assessment.

Travis has a mechanical engineering degree, an MBA, and over 15 years of experience in technical and operational leadership. Travis provides short term project management services and empowers clients with appropriate solutions via his deep understanding of profitability drivers.

Chris Doray

Senior Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Software Development, Digital Marketing, Technical Services

Chris turned his Bachelor's of Fine Arts and Business Foundations from UT Austin into a successful design and company for 7 years. He earned his Project Management Professional Certification and transitioned to lead global corporate training programs for the Oil & Gas, Quality Assurance, Logistics and Cyber Security industries. He focuses on designing highly technical programs and leading cross-function teams in the assessment, development, and implementation of effective strategic solutions.

Mo Daoudi


Areas of Expertise: Technical Services, Digital Marketing

Mo holds a Bachelor's of Business and spent his early career in a rapid growth start-up. Mo has held a variety of operational and sales roles, leaving him well equipped to understand the changing needs and pressures of running a profitable business.

5 min read

Own Your ERP, Let It Not Own You

It was the dumbest sign to ever grace my professional life; in 36 point font, taped on the wall of the satellite fabrication office, capital letters proclaimed...

6 min read

The Five Killers of On-Time Delivery

You’ve been in that meeting. A project is starting to run off the rails so the project manager calls a “How Do We Right the Ship?” gathering. -- So, why did that great plan on paper never quite pan out?